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Focus Care Moisture+ Vita-Complex Super Moisturiser

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50ml (1.69 fl oz) airless pump dispenser

Helps to lock moisture and improve the appearance of dehydrated skin.

The Super Moisturiser contains a variety of dynamic moisturizers and emollients that may assist in enhancing the skin’s barrier function, as well as its natural moisturizing factors. It results in skin that feels nourished and refreshed.

Award Winning

All Skin Types

    Focus Care Moisture+ Vita-Complex Super Moisturiser



    • Pre-cleanse, cleanse and tone with your preferred Environ products.
    • Apply your recommended Environ vitamin A moisturizer.
    • Follow with the Vita-Complex Super Moisturiser.
    • Use morning and evening.
    • Alternatively, the Vita-Complex Super Moisturiser can be used instead of your vitamin A moisturizer should you be experiencing transient sensitivity to the vitamin A products.

    Key Ingredients

    * Lanolin
    * Saccharide Isomerate (Pentavitin®)
    * Ethylhexyl Palmitate + Sorbitan Oleate + Sorbitan Laurate + Myristyl Malate Phosphonic Acid (RevidrateTM)
    * Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter)
    * Panthenol (Pro-vitamin B5)
    * Glycerin
    * Tocopheryl Acetate (vitamin E)
    * Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate (vitamin C)
    * Rosmarinus Oficinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract

    How long does it last?

    Twenty-four (24) months unopened. Use within 10-12 weeks after opening. Please protect this product from light, heat and air. Store in a cool place. Do not decant.

    First:  Normalise for healthy skin with the Vitamin STEP-UP SYSTEM™

    Then: Target with confidence  Add on Focus Care Moisture+ Range

    At Environ, we first recommend vitamin A for healthy skin, then we target the skin condition. Vitamin A is the normalising factor that helps to create healthy-looking and resilient skin. After the skin has been normalised through the use of the Vitamin STEP-UP SYSTEM™ found in the Youth EssentiA and Skin EssentiA Ranges, the skin condition can be addressed with specially formulated add-on products that target the visible signs of dehydration. The add-on products are included in the Focus Care Moisture+ Range that form part of the Focused Care segment in the Environ brand architecture.

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